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Sunday, July 19 2015

DivX no more

I was just prompted a DivX update. I have no idea if I have ever seen a movie that demanded the plugin, but I faithfully let it run. After running, I noticed some strange outgoing connection attempts (using Little Snitch) to something related to backup. I got curious and found that the installer had an “optional install tab” that I had not noticed. When the installer finished a program called Zipcloud started and I knew something was fishy: I quit it, deleted the program - and found and threw out two entries in ~/Library/LaunchAgents, that would have it running again and again.

Not with me, DivX. I also ditched all DivX-stuff at the same go: Your plugin is not valuable enough for me to let you mess up my computer.

Tuesday, March 19 2013

Who made up this stuff?

Running Flash on your computer has always been a nuisance, but with the recent update of the Adobe Flash Player Manager, Adobe has made another attempt of making themselves look stupid. Now it does not only check if there is an update - and interrupt you if there is one, forcing you to quit your browser(s) while doing the update - bad enough - it now also interrupts you, just to tell that it has not found any updates!


Who at Adobe is so pompous to think that the whole world thinks that Flash is so important, that we need to spend time pushing the "done" button every time it has run and not found any updates? If just 10% of my applications behaved like that, I would have nothing else to do!

Adobe, you are becoming irrelevant.