A little update

Doing some home page work, I decided also to give my old photo page a slight facelift. I hope you enjoy it. The photos are now a good deal bigger and there are no more Flash slideshows, but only responsive web design, as the fashion prescribes. Try it on your phone too!

Friends-of-JEF meeting in Paris 2009

Friends-of-JEF in Paris at the Jean Monnet House is online. Find it here

Returning from Berlin

I just came home from Berlin late last night, at 02:00 due to a strike at the Deutsche Bahn, but home nevertheless. I already published the first round of pictures from our event here, and I may or may not move them here later. [Update] I just made a very small panorama of the reception at the Brandenburger Tor.

Sizing and larger copies

Currently, I am using slideshow of 640*480 and if you click on the photo, you will get a 1024*768 version in a new window. If you need larger versions for print, then feel free to ask me.

Do also try to hover the mouse over the slideshows. You should get this menu.

The leftmost icon will give you all pictures of the set to choose from.

Photos from Brussels 2005?

Just because I am lazy, you still have to find the photos from the 2005 F-o-J-event here and here. When I have time, they will be moved to this part of my site.