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Saturday, June 9 2012

Troubleshooting a Mac OS X 10.7 install of Epson AL-C2000 Color Laserjet

I got an Epson Acculaser C2000 from a friend some time ago, and with 10.5 or 10.6 I could not make it print in color, so I basically had given it up.

Now I tried again and after a long fight with the awful user interface on the printer, I managed to set an IP-address that I could get to. I later found out that there is a new EpsonNet tool that can do that too, so if you hate the stupid Epson menu on the printer, do download that.

Next problem was installing the thing. For hours and several attempts using IPP and even bonjour, I had almost given up. Then I tried the silly solution to choose LPD - Line Printer Deamon instead - and badam! - it works with both colors and text, even with fonts not residing on the printer.

Strange that you specifically have access to changing the setup of IPP in the Epson software and no hint that it even talks to LPD, but given the stupid user interface, who would not guess that it would work ;-)

Monday, September 12 2011

How to install a Canon LBP-3000 on non-japanese Mac OS X 10.6.8

I had a task the other day, installing a Canon LBP3000 printer driver on a Mac using 10.6.8. This turned out to be difficult, as the driver on the European web site of Canon does not have a proper driver that will work at all, as the laser printer is a few years old - Shame on Canon! I found a driver on the site however: SP) and almost got everything going by using the guide on this page: After installing using the guide, I was able to print, but only pictures, no text. Realizing that this was a Japanese driver, I decided to try to change language into Japanese and then install again. This is quite easy in System Preferences Language and Text, so going from:

Dragging Japanese to the top:

Quitting System Preferences (cmd-Q) and starting them again gave System Preferences fully in Japanese, with this Printer icon with visible Japanese text:

Then I just did the installation like described on the aforementioned link and changed language back to Danish. Then the language of the driver became English (second language from the top), and text printed properly. The culprit is the bad driver from Canon Japan, but this workaround wasn't too difficult, so I decided just to make this small guide.